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 Duran Audio offer complete PA solutions for tunnels


Our Goal: To deliver clear and intelligible messages and to banish "bad sound"

Road tunnels are a very unique environment. Keeping passengers safe and on the move are the key priorities for tunnel managers and operators, a good PA system can help overcome some of the challenges faced on a day to day basis by providing an effective means of communication between the operators and tunnel users.

In a tunnel the PA system is the ONLY way of communicating with the passengers once they are outside their vehicles. More often than not these systems are now Public Address/Voice Alarm systems, so they are also used as the primary form of communication in the event of a fire or other emergency.

What did they just announce? You wouldn’t accept an email with half the words missing as an effective form of communication so why accept an unintelligible PA system? The most effective PA/VA system is the one that delivers a clear and understandable message the first time. In an emergency situation this means that passengers can act quickly and precisely to the message and in more day to day scenarios it means that tunnel operators can effectively communicate to tunnel users to prevent minor incidents escalating into larger emergency scenarios.

So what’s the big deal about a Public Address system? It’s just speakers, some amps and a microphone isn’t it? Road tunnels are very difficult acoustic environments which pose a significant challenge to the sound system designer.

So what’s the solution? Well back in the late 1990's Duran Audio embarked upon a research project to develop a loudspeaker specifically designed to meet the challenges of the tunnel environment, the AXYS ABF260 loudspeaker was the result of this research project. The ABF is designed to deliver the best possible intelligibility in the very challenging acoustic environment of a tunnel.

The AXYS ABF260 is designed to be the ultimate message delivery service in tunnels; delivering clear and intelligible announcements to the occupants of a Tunnel.

When you need intelligibility the ABF delivers:

    Superior Speech Intelligibility
    High Power
    Low Distortion
    Superior sound quality
    Reduced installation and maintenance costs

If you want to learn more about the ABF then click on one of the links below:

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